Sunken Forest of Lake Kaindy-Khazakistan

Kaindy Lake is 400 meters long in the Kazakh part of the Tian Shan mountain located 129 km from the city of Almaty. The lake was created after an earthquake in 1911 that triggered a major landslide blocking the throat and the formation of a natural dam. Subsequently, rainwater filled the valley and created the lake.

The lake is famous for its scenic beauty especially the submerged forest and trunks firs that rises out of the lake. Above water, hollow trees appear as tall masts of ships lost ghost, or maybe the spears of an army mysterious hide and wait for the right time to exit.

The water is so cold (even in summer, the temperature does not exceed 6 degrees) large pine trees remain on, even 100 years later. Due to the clear mountain water, you can see deep into the depths of the lake. In winter, the lake surface freezes and during this time, the lake Kaindy becomes an ideal place for trout fishing and ice diving.

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