Two Man shot to death in Their Car-Mexico

Two men were « executed » a goat horn rafagazos yesterday afternoon car to car in the Countryside subdivision.

One of the victimized was unofficially identified, which is the vehicle flown by the board of which riddled, his identity is unknown companion.

It should be noted that one of the « pilot » Nissan Sentra car model red colored old plates VNC-4465, had in his possession a gun 5.7X28 mm caliber squad known as the kill-police, tucked at the waist, while the companion found him an extra magazine of the same caliber, in one of his pockets was wearing.

The bloody and terrible events were raised about 14 hours on Saturday when the now deceased aboard the vehicle described circulating Eldorado Boulevard and from another vehicle were attacked with assault rifles high power.

The « pilot » who was unofficially identified as Jesus Sauceda Nedel Medina, allegedly fatally shot dropped the wheel of the Sentra that after crossing the boulevard Doctor Mora crashed into a palm tree.

In this he was found a card with that name, according to police reports.

Passenger not likely knew his identity, and the alleged attackers knew nothing, only to have shot at his victims from another moving vehicle.

As evidence of the pavement strewn boulevards just plain caliber 7.62X39 several millimeters.


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