Two Criminel Killed by a Gang Member-Brazil

Two young men were shot to death on a hill, in the street Francisca Campos, Felipe Shrimp. The victims were identified as Walace Medeiros da Costa, 19, better known as Novato, and Jenierrison José do Nascimento, 18, the head.

The two were sleeping in a makeshift hut on the hill peak, when they were surprised by men armed with 12-gauge shotgun and revolver. They were shot and died on the spot. According to information from the Miliary Police, the two were suspected of various crimes, including murder and several robberies in the region.

Moreover, the two were suspected of killing a teenager of 17 years in 2011. The Portal BO spoke with the father of Walace Medeiros, Mr. Joseph William. He reported that he had expected his son to finish this life, for he knew his involvement with the crimes, but he was sorry for not one parent wants to see his son.

Police also carried out inspections in the region of double murder, however, was unable to locate any suspects. Both bodies were taken to the Institute of Technical and Scientific Police (ITEP) in Ribeira.



Scooter vs Car-1 Dead-Brazil

A serious accident has been registered in the afternoon Saturday (15) in the city of Garden Seridó.  Juvêncio Alves de Azevedo, known as Juvêncio of Nemezio, the same fate was going to the home of relatives in rural White Gold when his bike collided with a car taxi in the city of Patos



the driver of the motorcycle was doing called the zig zag on the track, possibly under the influence of alcohol, failing to avoid the collision.


Davao death squads-DDS-Philipines

The Davao Death Squads or DDS, are a vigilante group active in Davao City in the Philippines. The group is allegedly responsible for summary executions of delinquents and drug traffickers in Davao. As of August 2, 2004 the Mindanao Times counted 52 summary-killing incidents involving the DDS. The International Herald Tribune reports that in the first three months of 2005 there were 72 executions.
A team from Families of Victims of Involuntary Disappearance, a human rights group, and investigators from the Commission on Human Rights discovered killing fields where skeletal remains of victims of the death squads were dumped. Human Rights Commissioner Dominador Calamba II has indicated that local executives and the police knew the criminals but were « seemingly tolerating » them. Human rights groups said the killings have become an unwritten government policy to deal with crime.
In the April 2009 UN General Assembly of the Human Rights Council, the UN report (Eleventh Session Agenda item 3, par 21) said, « The Mayor of Davao City has done nothing to prevent these killings, and his public comments suggest that he is, in fact, supportive. »
Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte responding to the reported arrest and subsequent release of a notorious drug lord in Manila is quoted as saying: « Here in Davao, you can’t go out alive. You can go out, but inside a coffin. Is that what you call extra-judicial killing? Then I will just bring a drug lord to a judge and kill him there, that will no longer be extra-judicial. »
According to Amnesty International and local human rights groups, since 1998 over 300 people have been killed in Davao City by death squads.Amnesty International states, killings and extrajudicial executions continued throughout the year, particularly of criminal suspects. In Mindanao many such killings, including those of minors, were attributed to the so-called “Davao Death Squad” vigilante group. It was reported that local officials in some areas advocated a “shoot to kill” policy with respect to criminal suspects resisting arrest.[8] In 2004, Thousands of people protested the killings in a « walk for peace » and ecumenical prayer service.
A film depicting vigilante killings in the Philippines called Engkwentro, premiered in July 2009 at the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival, where it received strong reactions. The film has since been selected as the only Filipino film to compete at the 66th Venice International Film Festival

Grand Mosque Seizure in Saudi Arabia-1979

ncident Haram began its events dawn on 1 Muharram 1400, 20 November 1979, when seized 200 armed (other sources say 500) on the Grand Mosque in Mecca, one of the sanctities of Muslims, in an attempt to overthrow the regime in Saudi Arabia during the reign of King Khalid bin Abdul Aziz. Shook the process the entire Islamic world, it is where the time has signed with the dawn of the first day in the new Hijri century, and in terms of its violence has caused the shedding of blood in the courtyard of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, and claimed the lives of a lot of Saudi security personnel and militants holed up inside the campus. Stir incident quickly feelings of many Muslims, some of them condemned and denied and stood against it and others have shown solidarity with them.


Provides some Islamic sects coming remade the religion of all one hundred years relying on to talk Prophet Muhammad: « sends God at the head of every one hundred years of renewed for my religion, » also believes some coming Mahdi, who belongs to the family of them peace messenger, and named Mohammed Mahdi As in one of the novels. Parties equation became fully from the standpoint of Juhayman Otaibi commander of the operation, century Hijri new is coming, and his brother in law and his companion called « Mohammed bin Abdullah, » and « corruption » is rampant, and « dimension » for the straight path apparent, then, were left only the House of God cowering him « Mahdi », and realized the Annunciation.

In another context, the activity Islamic currents in the draw, beginning movement the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and the start of an currents Takfiri in some areas Arabia and the Arab world, and moves Islamic Syria, and by the last treaty Camp David, and it seems that he start to recognize the official Arab end era wars with Israel and begin to acknowledge their existence natural, and finally the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, who was born in streams other Islamic imagine the possibility of recurrence is similar to do Khomeini in Iran, and fear of Arab governments and global at the same time the success of Islamic movements in the control of other countries in the region, and the emergence of Islamic states or republics outside scope Alsatr. It is worth noting that the campus events began 16 days after the start of the hostage crisis at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran ..


The Juhayman justified Otaibi, commander of Operation attack as an attempt to correct the situation caused by the al-Saud, legitimate footsloggers, because of their corruption and destruction of the country’s culture and civilization and their approach to follow the West, money. In addition to his call to swear allegiance to Muhammad Abdullah Al-Qahtani, a successor to the Muslims, and an imam them as the Mahdi.





After dawn prayers on 1 Muharram 1400 corresponding to 20 Novmr / November 1979, stopping Juhayman Otaibi and beside Mohammed Abdullah Al-Qahtani, to declare in front of worshipers Mahdi, and asked them to swear allegiance to Mohammed al-Qahtani as the Mahdi to be followed, and in the meantime, a group of men belonging him « and who later turned out they were from 12 countries different, including two Americans, » [1] [dead link] extracted light weapons from the coffins were introduced before the prayer as containing the bodies of the dead to pray for them in the mosque, but it was packed with weapons and ammunition instead, and gunmen managed to close doors closing ports campus and cushion inside, and managed a number of worshipers who were on campus to perform the dawn prayer to escape the rest and « estimated one hundred thousand » [1] [dead link] It seems that many of them had more or less to swear allegiance to Muhammad Abdullah Al-Qahtani as the Mahdi.

Although seamless planning process, they began killing one of the guards at the hands of a militants Almnflin, which represents a clear violation and great for the sanctity of the home land. Where bloodshed deprived. To be sure, Juhayman delivered a sermon over the minarets of campus during the siege, broadcast radio and Arab world and they contain a lot of speeches and accusations to the ruling family Arabia and some objections to the lifestyle of the people and how rampant corruption and was resonate among the mountains of Mecca and neighborhoods in different times, has also been directing invitations to the people of Mecca and Saudi special forces surrounded the campus to repent and join the insurgents and swear allegiance to the Mahdi.


Counting issue a fatwa permitting weapons to storm the Grand Mosque emerged as a bigger problem, which is the failure of the Saudi National Guard troops which numbered 10,000 item in the job done, and caused their attempts apparently improvised in the killing of 127 people, without success in achieving the goal. Forces are not dealing with the incident or planning study of the process.

In ten in the morning (according to some sources) on Tuesday, 14 Muharram 1400 H corresponding to 4 December / December 1979 and after two weeks on the siege, assault began and continued until the evening where she managed a joint force French girl from taking over the site and free the hostages in the battle of leftbehind about 250 people dead and nearly 600 wounded. Figures differed greatly, even those coming from official sources, while other reports indicated the use of gas caused paralysis insurgents, which is likely, then storming the gates after detonation. It is noteworthy that some sources confined the role played by French troops supported advisory only mentions in this context the name of Captain Paul Burrell as a leader or a manager or consultant storming operation, which planned and carried out the process of pumping water and  have failed this process as well as trying to poison gas have also failed. It remains the number of French troops participating open between 30 and 40 element.



The families of the remaining alive, including Juhayman Otaibi, while the Mohammed bin Abdullah al-Qahtani were among the dead. The survivors carried the death penalty in the January 9 / January 1980 after that were divided into four groups executed their yards in four major cities in the country.