Hitmen execute a person, accuse him of rapist-Mexico

A 50-year-old was found shot to death in a farming property located in the vicinity of the community known as The Pipima.

On one side of the body, the investigative police located a written message which indicated the victim of « maniac rapist ».

It is alive who bear the name of Manuel Antonio Bueno Sanchez, blacksmith trade, residing at Calle Juan Escutia, Heriberto Zazueta the colony, this city sugarcane.

The body was discovered on Sunday morning by a gap located north of the town of La Pipima.

The initial opinion of the Medical Examiner (Semefo), ruled that the accused body bullet trades in the region of the skull and back.

Homicide cops said they were located on stage 15 9mm caps, which were sent to the forensic department for study of law.

An assistant special prosecutor in high impact crimes and testified ministerial inspection of the facts, ordering that the dead body was handed over to his family after completing the formalities of law.


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