Hitmen shot two students in Nuevo Leon-Mexico

When they were talking in a corner, two high school students were shot last night from a truck they were traveling several criminals, while an adult was injured in Escobedo.

Those executed were identified only as Ivan Robledo Medrano, 16, and Jorge Luis Galvan Sanchez, 18, who was known as « La Burra », who studied at a technical school in the municipality.

While the injured family members identified him as Rite Ortega Ruiz, 48.

The double execution was reported around 22:30 pm yesterday on the Cerro de la Silla Street at its intersection with Mount Cubilete in Colonia Las Malvinas.

Following the report of the shooting, the place came Red Cross workers and uniformed police Escobedo.

Later came Ministerial Police investigations to start with the double execution.

Paramedics could do nothing to Iván and Jorge Luis, who died instantly by the multiple wounds to the head, chest, arms and legs.

Nor could provide first aid to Ortega Ruiz, as he was helped by his family, who in the car was taken to a hospital.

According to the Ministerial Police investigation, the young would be innocent because they are not associated with any organized crime group.

The ministerial presumed that the purpose of the criminals was Ortega Ruiz, who survived.

« The data you have, the kids believe that they had problems, they were students and neighbors would say the good that was injured, but you know it when you questioned the authority, » said one of the policemen.

According to witnesses, the criminals were traveling in a white minivan van with a blue stripe from where shot young, who were talking to Ortega Ruiz.

Neighbors added that one of the gunmen got out of the truck and a short shot and Jorge Luis Ivan.

Later, the criminals escaped in the van, so the police immediately implemented filters Escobedo revision of entrances to the colony in order to locate the criminals.

At the crime scene, experts from the State Attorney’s Office located at least 21 caps used as the .223 caliber AR-15 rifles.

Relatives of the victims arrived at the scene and suffered a hysterical upon hearing of the death of Ivan and Jorge Luis.


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