Man Shot dead in Head-Mexico

The lifeless body of a person killed by a bullet to the head was thrown on one of the streets of the colony Scally, to about 400 or 500 meters away from the premises of the State Ministerial Police.

In fact, they had not realized that it was a homicide, but until paramedics arrived Red Cross and auscultated. Not detected vital signs and found the wounded by gun fire.

At first it was thought that this was a person hit.

The incident occurred yesterday, shortly before three o’clock.

Who threw the dead body at the site are complete strangers, and nobody looked nothing.

« I just heard the screeching of tires when leaving the car at full speed, and nothing else. So maybe also thought it was a hit, « said some of the neighbors, who in turn, also said that no shots were fired from a firearm.

All this set of circumstances reaffirm the belief that the body was lying on that site. Has a hole produced by gun fire in the left temple and exit on the right side.

The body was thrown to the pavement outside the house marked No. 340 of the Fuerte River Boulevard, on the lane from south to north.

The body was lying on his back, head south, the bullet holes were clearly visible on his head.

While the Red Cross lifeguards did prsencia elements act of Public Security and the State Ministerial who promptly cordoned off the scene.

L came prosecutor, in addition to lawsuits Regional Deputy Justice.

As there was not much movement in the field relevant to proceedings, ordered the removal of the body for quick instructions prosecutor
Specializing in voluntary manslaughter, who ordered the transportation of the deceased to the necropsy room.

As was seen, the victimized was thin, 1.75 meters tall, and about 40 to 45 years old. He wore blue jeans, white shirt, black tennis shoes with blue calaba and who killed him he « respected » a watch.


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