Man Shot Dead by Armed Group-Mexico

The owner of a junked vehicle was killed by two bullets to the head when he got out of his truck to talk to men who allegedly knew, in Juarez.

As Juan Pablo Chapa Gonzalez, 39, was identified the deceased, according to data provided to the police.

The execution was reported around 20:00 pm yesterday on the highway to Reynosa, at kilometer 15, opposite Colonia Los Arcos, a mile from the junction with the road to San Roque.

According to Juarez Police received a report of a shooting on the road, so we approached a unit that conducted surveillance at a shopping center located less than two kilometers.

Upon arrival, police found a dead man who was next to a Chevrolet Silverado 2006, silver.

The run, wearing jeans, a white shirt with red vertical stripes and denim jacket, had at least two shots to the head and was face up.

« Nothing else reported the shooting and sent the unit closer to be had, so to get the companions confirmed the death of a man.

« Nobody wants to say anything. All we said a neighbor who heard the sector is about five gunshots, « said one of the soldiers.

After confirming the death of Chapa Gonzalez, the preventive police reported the incident to the state police for its officials to take over the investigation.

Arriving at the scene, officers noticed that the truck owned by the victim was either parked on the side of the road.

They also saw that despite Chapa Gonzalez was executed at the side of his vehicle, he had no gunshot impacts on the body.

This made the ministerial presume that when the trader was driving his truck on the highway to Reynosa to the east, the criminals, who perhaps knew, they caught and asked him orillara.

When you get off the truck, the criminals shot him at close range yonquero repeatedly.

The agents could not establish whether Chapa Gonzalez talked or discussed with the murderers, and that witnesses would not provide data to investigate the case.

« It is believed that criminals were directly against the owner of the truck, who said he owned a junked, as there is no evidence of any theft, » said one officer.

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