Four Executed Man Found Buried-Mexico

The bodies of four people, three men and a woman, in various stages of decomposition, were found in three mass graves located in suburbs adjoining the city of Iguala, last Tuesday. One of the bodies belonged to one of the people raised by gunmen last December 5 in Colonia Francisco Villa in the same city.

The discovery was made at a point known as « La Joya », north of the city of Iguala, near Loma settlements of Zapatero, September 27 and Los Cascalotes.

According to the police report, on Tuesday, 18, around 3 pm, they received an anonymous call alerting the C-4 in the place known as « La Joya », about three kilometers from the colony 27 September and the north side of the colony Loma del Zapatero, stood a person’s hand partially buried.

When the police moved instead Municipal, State and Ministerial and auxiliary staff of the Public Ministry, which on reaching the designated site found on the hill, on freshly turned earth, the hand of a person, so personal protection Civil was given the task of digging to get the body.

The body belonged to a man who had been buried at a depth of 50 centimeters, it was suspected that the animals took him out of the place. He was blindfolded with a flannel, wearing a blue jeans and had estimated that about 15 days after being buried.

In discussing the surroundings, it was discovered that ten feet had also disturbed soil, so dig staff indicated that, locating about 80 inches from ground level, two corpses and mummified, which had their hands tied behind them .

One body, that of a man, wearing a dress pants and a navy blue shirt brown, and the other, that of a young woman according to the characteristics of their teeth, wearing a jeans light blue , a white shirt with red stripes chemise type, white bra with pink and white lingerie, calculated that about six months were probably buried.

By doing another review site, was discovered three meters above another pit, where fourth body was found buried about 80 inches deep, which had his head covered with a shirt and wore a short beige apreciándosele right arm tattoo of a naked woman on his left arm and the figure of a rose with lyrics that are not able to identify.

The body was about 15 days after being buried, so it was assumed, despite differences in the decay rates of the four bodies, all were buried at the same time.

The remains were taken to Semefo of Iguala where later, on Wednesday, one of the victims, the latter precisely identifiable achieved.

The victim was recognized as Manuel Hernandez Garcia, 42 years old, who lived in Cuautla, Morelos, with his wife, who was kidnapped with him and remains missing.

Manuel Hernandez, his wife, Laura identified as « N », and one other person, were abducted on December 5 in a residential street in the colony Doroteo Arango Francisco Villa, in Iguala, where he attended the celebration of a birthday.

Family members stated that the next day (sic) as at 11:30 am, both Manuel and his wife Laura were sitting in front of his mother’s house in the said colony, when suddenly a truck came with eight subjects and took them to an unknown destination.

Presenting complaint and dismissed merely claim the body, which would be buried in the community of Santa Teresa, also town of Iguala.


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