Statistics 2012: 36,332 Syrian citizens Killed, including 3327 children and 957 under torture

Published Syrian Network for Human Rights report on the outcome of the martyrs of the Syrian revolution in 2012, « documented by name and history, pictures and video. »

And the report that the 36,332 Syrian citizens were killed in 2012, including 3327 children, and 3194 women.

And killed 957 people under torture, while the total number of martyrs of the elderly who are over the age of sixty 467.

And cited the 1941 component of the Free Army, most of them civilians who took up arms.

And reached the proportion of women and children to the total number of martyrs about 40% confirms beyond doubt targeting regime forces to civilians.

And distributed martyrs on the Syrian governorates as follows: Rural Damascus 8271 martyr followed Homs 5635 as a martyr, and Aleppo in ranked third with 5447 as a martyr, and Idlib 4724, then shield 2991, and Hama in sixth place with 2727 as a martyr, then Deir Zor 2647, and Damascus 2425, Latakia, 416, and tenderness 326, Kenitra 268, Hasaka 208, other 195 nationalities, Tartous 27, and finally endosperm 25.

The report indicates that the month of August was the deadliest since the 5605 martyrs fell, followed by the month of September 4690 as a martyr.

While record Date 25/8/2012 Top statistical impact Martyrs massacre in Darya killed 405 people.

And the network noted in its report that there many cases you can not access it and documented because of surrounding towns and villages and cutting off communications, nominate rise in the actual number of martyrs, because dozens of cases buried by the people in mass graves.

The network says prohibited from working in Syria, she did not issue any statistical without supplying all sides attached files contain very precise details of each case, and for this reason has been adopted as the primary source of international bodies and committees around the world.

She added that she absolutely specializes in documenting the killing of civilians because of the difficulty in documenting severe military and private belonging to the Syrian government of military and intelligence forces.

The network carried the responsibility of each of the killings, violence and torture in Syria spoke to President Bashar al-Assad regime as commander in chief of the army and the armed forces and is primarily responsible for issuing commands to those acts.

And considered all corners of the Syrian government, which leads the security services and military partner directly in those massacres.

Also blamed Hezbollah and Iran responsible for those acts, in addition to all the funders and supporters of this system.

And demanded the Security Council and the United Nations and Member States to work at a maximum speed of take everything that would protect civilians in Syria, pointing out that they must comply with their ethical and legal responsibility and accelerate steps toward referral for all those involved in these massacres to the International Criminal Court


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