Dead hostage in algeria killed during aircraft attack

Special forces able to the National People’s Army of Liberation 650 hostages kidnapped in gas production site Ptqntoren into Omnas in state Illizi, of whom 573 are Algerians and more than 132 different nationalities.
According to the outcome of temporary morning of Friday, he was released about 650 hostages in the attack perpetrated last Wednesday of the terrorist group at the site level invader into Omnas including 573 Algerian and « more than half the number of foreign hostages 132 » while still process the output range entrenched station invasive continuous « .
In this regard, he noted that security source special forces of the National People’s Army is still trying to reach a « peaceful solution » by the elimination of the terrorist group that entrenched the manufacturer refining and editing a group of hostages still being held.
Not yet determine the final outcome of hiding some foreign workers Active Site gaseous various points according to the same source. On the other hand decommissioning gas station to avoid the risk of explosions.
Group consists of approximately thirty terrorists of various nationalities
Consists terrorist group that launched an attack on the site gaseous Tqntoren of nearly thirty terrorists of various nationalities, according to APS, Friday quoted a security source.
According to the same source, the group « was heavily weapons, especially missiles and rocket launchers and other weapons of war, » adding that the group « was » designed « to do criminal.
On the other hand, the same source that the group « had planned to book foreign workers at the site level gaseous hostage and transferred to Mali for the exercise of severe pressures » on the countries involved in the process of fighting terrorists in Mali, as well as to the international community.
Assaf same source that « this group when it failed to resolved the elimination of foreign hostages in order to amplify their impact on the international community. » The Algerian special forces tried that surrounded places throughout the morning of Thursday to reach a peaceful solution is that the terrorists on the basis of information received they decided to eliminate all of the hostages and a real massacre Active gaseous adds the same source.
And it decided the Special Forces of the National People’s Army, « which has professional experience scalped as recorded by the international professional community overland attack aimed at eliminating this group that was preparing to flee with the hostages and that was » on the verge of a disaster, « according to the same source.
Intervention has led special forces who were in « very complex circumstances » to avoid « a real massacre against hundreds of hostages and gas stations on this site. »
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