« Guevara » The first Sniper woman in the ranks of the FSA in Aleppo

Deliberated social networking sites and news agencies and Arab World Portrait of a Lady Syria veiled wearing a military uniform belonged to fighters army free Syrian They carrying a weapon sniping from a distance, in the streets of the city of Aleppo in northern Syria, to be the first woman sniper in the army free encounter the forces of the Assad regime.

« Guevara » Joining the ranks of the Syrian army freely within the movement « CVA », after their house of mass destruction at the hands of the Syrian regime in the neighborhood of Salah al-Din Aleppo, according to the report published by the newspaper « Hespress » Moroccan wife of the commander of one of the army battalions free-called « promise » inthe same area, where she joined him to share in the daily battles against irregular forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad with the outbreak of the revolution of the Syrian people.

And belong « Guevara » for the Palestinians in Syria where she worked as director of high school before the revolution, which is also the sister of Abu Hamza, Director Page « Martyrs of Aleppo and surroundings. »

Has not delivered « Guevara » of rumors Syrian regime where ratios to belong to the army of al-Assad, Kmazlah precedent and volunteer in the ranks of the « Army of National Defense, » the pro-regime Asadi, in addition to being an employee at one of the government institutions in the province of Aleppo and is married to an engineer in the police headquarters in Aleppo.

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