Skywalking in Russia

Skywalking is the latest fad of photography in Russia, where climbers seeking thrills wildest structures made they can find, climbing peaks without proper safety equipment and take pictures of themselves and breathtaking seen below, often hanging in a precarious situation.

Recently, two photographers, and Vitaly Raskalov Alexander Remnev have generated a lot of buzz around this topic.

Photographer Alexander Remnev who captured these amazing shots in Moscow, told the Daily Mail that there is as much as 200 photographers in Russia, mostly students, who do this type of photography risky. Alexander Remnev itself is only 18 years old.
Alexander and his friends often offended to obtain the views pass through the open doors, climb stairs or ladders on the roof. Each ascent is without a harness so it is important to keep a cool head. His biggest challenge, he said, was a building of 74 floors – a staggering 900ft high.

He explained: « I ​​got involved with this because I’ve always loved taking pictures from above. I wanted to know the unknown and conquer conquer. I like to watch from above as the sunsets. I also like to sit on the roof with my friends and talk about topics or discuss the news. In general, we choose the buildings in Moscow, but when we have free time, we go to other cities.

skywalking-02 skywalking-12 skywalking-22 skywalking-32 skywalking-42 skywalking-55 skywalking-65 skywalking-76 skywalking-85

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