Teen Boy Killed with Knife by a Gang-Mexico

A 19 year old was attacked by stabbing at the hands of two men who went to look up his house to kill him

The attack occurred in the avenue Huixtla, of the colony San Jerónimo, where gang members attacked with weapon punzocortante the young, who would got a estocada in the heart, who mortally wounded ran near two blocks and could reach the house of his aunt, a place where it fell down.

Staff went to the place the State Preventive Police, Municipal, State Border and Specialized, once verified the facts sought the intervention of the representative office of the Attorney General of the State Central Zone, noting that in place, they found a group of young people who were looking for the attackers, the military joined them without being able to arrest the murderer.

Fernando Vicente Hernandez Cardona, 19 years old, received first aid from paramedics but unfortunately they could not save his life, his parents, Fernando Hernandez Jimenez and Cardona Eliusaid Perez, demanded the arrest of the murderers that is fully identified.

The victimized young mom said her son, was resting in a hammock when two subjects from the street shouted: « Fer tantito salt », but ignored them and continued in the hammock.

Fifteen minutes later and soon came back and fell to the floor bleeding, sought the intervention of the Red Cross paramedics, but when they arrived, and after giving the first attention and told them that he had died.

Finally the distressed parents requested les outside delivered the body, to give Christian burial, asking that is fully investigated the death of his son already which data are available of gang members that him mowed life.

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