Women commits suicide because her husband had died-Mexico

Overwhelmed by the recent death of her husband, a woman escaped through the back door to throw the tires of a vehicle that was traveling on the dangerous highway Mexico-Laredo, Ciudad Mante-Old section Morelos

The events took place at the entrance of El Abra congregation Temporalera area where Cruz was completely shattered Maria Velazco Ibanez, who had 45 years old and a resident of that congregation.

The suicide bomber was identified to the authorities by his mother, Amalia García Ibáñez, who related that his daughter brought intentions of taking his life since his son died a few days ago.

She took her mother and the rest of his family were not because they had gone out to buy dinner and ran, but neighbors intercepted and trapped, bringing it back to his home.

Given this event and several neighbors mom locked her in a bedroom, where he could once again run and this time he succeeded.

The lady came to the side of the road and just when a unit is going threw a tire having an almost instant death desquebrajado body.

Her mother, in an interview with ALARM!, Said: « She was going because her husband had just died of cancer and his funeral we all ran without telling us your old man no longer wanted to live and he would impale the cars she was killed.  »

Appearing before the Public Ministry investigator to claim the body, said the night of the incident left her daughter at home for dinner and was not returned.

Some people managed to return it, preferring to transfer her to a hospital, but while we were discussing the woman opened the door as he could and escaped.

When he reached the edge of the road passed a car and rushed to the floor, rolling it fully and leaving lifeless.

Some neighbors and families to hear that slowed and then came the coup imagined what happened, quickly ran to the road and saw Mary lying on the floor, even though I was devastated, still breathing.

Quickly sought the intervention of an ambulance arrived at the site, but unfortunately he was already dead.

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