48 Man dies in Suicide Bombing Inside Mosque-Syria

images suicide bombing in Faith Mosque in Damascus, which killed Sunni brand of pro-Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad, Muhammad Said Ramadan Buti.
The Mohammed Saeed Ramadan Bouti, a prominent Sunni cleric pro-Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad, was killed in the bombing of a mosque in the north of Damascus on Thursday, according to Syrian state television reported.

Still echoes the assassination of Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Said Ramadan Buti, feel free to Syria, as the outside, especially that no group has claimed responsibility for the assassination, but on the contrary rolled denials and condemnation of the majority of the components of the Syrian opposition, as well as the Syrian regime.

However, the leaked images from inside the mosque faith, which said that the explosion occurred when, questioned the official version, so that the images appear scattered case but it left what could be called the effects of crime, even the table where he taught Sheikh Bouti remained the same, as well asguard security ‮ ‬ ‮ ‬ ‮ ‬ aggravating ‮ ‬ enjoy ‮ ‬ ‮ ‬ ‮ ‬ the mosque area, ‮ ‬ ‮ ‬ make ‮ ‬ ‮ ‬ indicate opposition ‮ ‬ ‮ ‬ accusation fingers ‮ ‬ ‮ ‬ ‮ ‬ system‮ ‬ ‮ ‬ difference between ‮ ‬ ‮ ‬ characterization ‮. ‬

Some guessed that the Sheikh Buti, had died a natural death, then brought him to the mosque to drag him the tools sharp so as to benefit from the system alive and dead, and some of them claimed that the system may feel that Bouti « consumed his papers » must play out in their favor, which pushed them to kill him, and ‮ ‬ then ‮ ‬ ‮ ‬ wear rebels ‮ ‬ ‮ ‬ charge even ‮ ‬ get ‮ ‬ ‮ ‬ ‮ ‬ support internal ‮ ‬ ‮ ‬ external ‮ ‬ confronted ‮ ‬ revolution ‮. ‬

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