Gunman kills 13 people in Serbia, including 6 women, 1 child

thirteen people have been killed in Serbia after a man went on a gun rampage in a village near Belgrade, local media report.

Six men, six women and a two-year-old boy died before the gunman tried to kill himself and his wife. The pair are now said to be in a serious condition.

Police identified the gunman as Ljubisa Bogdanovic, a 60-year-old war veteran.

The victims were reported to be mainly relatives and neighbours of Bogdanovic, and included his mother and son.

Local residents said the gunman, armed with a 9mm handgun, killed his son before leaving the house and shooting dead neighbours, some of whom were still asleep.

« He knocked on the doors, and as they were opened he just fired a shot, » villager Radovan Radosavljevic was quoted by the Associated Press as saying.

« He was a good neighbour and anyone would open their doors to him. I don’t know what happened. »

All but one of the victims died instantly, police said.

Serbian police chief Milorad Veljovic, who is at the scene, told RTS that the gunman was « from a peaceful family and had no criminal record ».

« We’re all just stunned, » Mr Veljovic said.

The suspect is reported to have been made redundant last year. He fought as a Serb soldier in the war in Croatia in 1991.

The motive for the attack was not immediately clear.

In a similar attack in Serbia in 2007, a 39-year-old man shot dead nine people and injured two others in a village in the east of the country.


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