Door to Hell-Turkmenistan

Out in the middle of a hot, dry Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan, along the ancient Silk Road, Soviet-era scientists found a cavern of natural gas and started drilling. But the drill hit another pocket in the cavern, right before the ground collapsed, and the entire drilling rig disappeared into the huge Darvaza Gas Crater. Then poisonous gas started to pour out. So what did the scientists decide to do in order to avoid a potential environmental disaster? Burn it off. Genius! That was in 1971, but the flaming natural gas crater is still burning 42 years later. The locals dubbed it, “The Door to Hell.” Derweze can also be spelled Darvaza and that translates to “gate,” so it is sometimes referred to as “Hell’s Gate” or the “Gates of Hell.

Bing-map-aerial-of-Door-to-Hell-The-Burning-Crater-of-Darvaza- Camping-at-Darvaza-Turkmenistan Dark-turquoise-water-instead-of-the-flaming-Door-to-Hell-Darvaza-Water-Crater Darvaza-Gas-Crater-Darvaza-Turkmenistan Derweze-42-years-later-the-Door-to-Hell-gas-deposit-is-still-burning Door-to-Hell Flaming-crater-at-night Golden-Eagle-Silk-Road Golden-Eagle-Silk-Road-The-Door-to-Hell-in-Darvaza-Turkmenistan Mesmerized-at-the-Door-to-Hell Standing-on-the-edge-of-the-Door-to-Hell-Darvasa-gas-crater-in-Turkmenistan The-Door-to-Hell-in-the-nighttime-at-Turkmenistan-Darvaza Three-brave-souls-on-the-edge-of-the-Door-to-Hell

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