Panias Massacre-Syria

Number of victims of the massacre of Banias, which is divided between the village of al-Bayda Inspirations top of the spring in the city, amounted to about 400 people registered, while there are about 300 others missing and unaccounted for.
According to Shehu, the regime’s forces and the Shabiha has buried the bodies of dozens of dead victims of the massacre Beida in a mass grave dug mechanisms, as the water tanks to clean the streets of the village from the effects of the massacre before entering Red Crescent teams to it, is not identified on the identities of dozens of others because of the effects of distortion on their bodies , or because Tfhmha result burning, or being displaced to the village from nearby areas.  »
According to eyewitnesses, the Banias experience currently quieter cautious after the displacement of hundreds of families for fear of a repeat of the forces of order for its massacres.

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