Uncovering the world is a Blog featuring uncensored events and News including: videos,war,suicide and crime scene images, accident and medical pictures,death and human misery at it´s most extreme. scenes from our world etc. and Interest and Research also.We do not care about moral issues because in order to show reality as it is we have to show it exactly as it is. THIS BLOG, not intended to create fear in people, raise awareness BUT ON VALUATION OF LIFE. For Contact : Uncover-The-World@hotmail.fr



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  1. I wonder how you do to have all these pictures. Are you hacking police offices computers ? And once we’ve seen those picture, what should we do ? How should I react ?

    • some are from Police,Hopital,War,morgue ,but a lot of them are from Journalist

      how do u react ???

      Normal , everyday people die my friend ,this things happened every Minute in this planet

  2. This is important reality for all of us. People get killed, abducted,raped,etc. Pictures show how beautiful the world is; but this is the other side we fear and never speak, or see. Thanks for the truth!!

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