Socotra Island-Yemen

That was long ago called “The Island of Bliss.” Located off the Horn of Africa, in the Indian Ocean, Socotra is about 150 miles away from Somalia and the threat of real-day pirates; it’s a little over 200 miles away from its mainland Yemen. And the landscape makes it “the most alien-looking place on Earth.” Although Socotra has wide sandy beaches rising to limestone plateaus full of caves, some 4.4 miles in length (7 km), wind-swept cliffs and mountains over 5,000 feet high, the island’s iconic image is of the Dragon’s Blood tree; it’s deep red resin was once considered to be ancient dragon blood. Some people have suggested that Socotra might have been the original Garden of Eden. Currently every single Trip Advisor tourist review rated Socotra as “excellent.” Of course, there are high security threats like kidnapping and terrorism; the US State Department warned Americans against traveling to Yemen. In 2011, Somali pirates were using the island as a fuel base. Yet tourists call it a “hidden gem” for those adventurous souls not seeking a luxury resort. Most of us will never visit this out of this world island of Socotra.

Another-cave-on-Socotra Arher-dunes-and-Hoq-cave Camel-trecking-on-Socotra Dicksam-plateau-to-Wadi-Daerhu-Socotra Dihamri-Beach Dragons-blood-tree-is-the-symbol-of-Socotra Dragons-blood-trees-in-Dixam-canyon Ecotourism-on-Socotra-Island-Yemen Hadibu-biggest-town-main-mosque-at-dawn Hawk-cave-in-Hala-East-of-Socotra-island Homhil-plateau-watering-hole Horn-eyed-ghost-crab-taken-at-Shuab-beach-Socotra In-2008Socotra-became-a-UNESCO-World-Heritage-Site Inside-Dogub-cave-southern-Socotra Island-of-Bliss-Socotra-Island-Qualansia Pens-for-cattle-and-goats-as-dragons-blood-trees Sand-dunes-of-Arar-east-of-Socotra-island Socotra-Dragon-Blood-Tree Socotra-Dragons-blood-trees-dotting-the-Haghier-massif-and-Diskum-plateau Socotra-dripping-frankincense-shown-here-with-frankincense-tree-rooted-on-the-cliffs-edge Socotra-endemic-tree-species-Dendrosicyos-socotrana-the-cucumber-tree Socotra-hotel Socotra-is-considered-the-jewel-of-biodiversity-in-the-Arabian-Sea Socotra-Island-Yemen Socotra-Island-Yemen-is-an-isolated-getaway-for-adventurers-and-nature-lovers Socotra-is-the-largest-of-four-islands-off-Yemen-that-make-up-a-small-archipelago Socotra-oasis-makes-this-island-look-like-an-unspoiled-paradise Socotra-vulture The-high-sand-dunes-of-Arar-piled-up-against-the-rock-by-the-monsoon-winds-shortly-after-sunrise Wadi-Geneb-cave-at-Socotra

Beautiful Blue Lake Cave in Brazil

Bonito is the heart of eco-tourism in Brazil because it is famous for its natural beauty, prehistoric caves, waterfalls, and clear blue waters. One of the most beautiful is Blue Lake Cave (Gruta do Lago Azul). Amazingly, it is believed that no human set foot inside the cavern with the cobalt blue waters until 1924 when an Indian from the Terena tribe discovered it. That’s not to say nothing ventured down into the 328 feet (100 meters) deep cave, since massive mammals fossils from about 10,000 years ago were discovered by cave divers, bones such as those belonging to the Saber-tooth tiger and giant ground sloth. Because the water is so clear, it is hard to fathom that Blue Lake Cave is about 295 feet (90 meters) deep. Adventurers start with a hike through the forest, then go caving through a wide entrance that allows sunlight to illuminate the gorgeous blue waters as well as stalactites and stalagmites of all different sizes. Here’s a look at Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil and some of the extraordinary and unusual ecotourism adventures and true natural treasures including beautiful Blue Lake Cave

Abismo-Anhumas-in-Bonito-Brazil-visitors-rappel-down-through-the-hole-and-then-dive-in-the-underground-cave Adventure-underground-at-Gruta-do-Lago-Azul Another-gorgeous-ecotourism-cave-in-Bonito-is-Abismo-Anhumas-known-as-the-hole Blue-Lake-Cave-in-Bonito-Brazil- Blue-Lake-Cavern-entrance Descending-into-Blue-Lake-Cavern Entrance-to-the-Blue-Grotto-Lake Fish-swimming-in-the-amazingly-clear-blue-waters-of-Bonitos-River-of-Silver-Rio-da-Prata Gorgeous-reflection-at-Blue-Lake-Grotto-in-Bonito Gruta-do-Lago-Azul Gruta-do-Lago-Azul-Bonito Sunlight-lighting-up-the-blue-waters-in-the-ancient-cavern The-Blue-Lake-Cave-waters-may-look-shallow-but-are-incredibly-deep The-Blue-Lake-Grotto