Two Young Girl Tortured and Executed-Mexico

Two young women were executed by armed after being cruelly tortured men, the bodies of young girls stood around « narcomensajes » when accused of passing information to rival cartel

The murdered women were found in the street splitting Nero Marroquín. One was on his knees, his hands tied behind his back and the other was lying on her back and had bound feet.

They were reportedly taken by the minions here to run with new big guns in millimeters. Besides their bodies left two « narcomensajes ˝, led federal authorities powerless against them and the other accused of being informants » ˝ Center, the cards were signed by creams and Capi Sosa. Neighboring police authorities who arrived gave a few minutes at the scene and proceeded to cordon off the area and to identify and mark items ballistic evidence for the arrival of the town court prosecutor vouch for the facts .

The bodies of the girls, aged between 18 and 25 years, were taken as unknown to the forensic medical service facilities for the practice of autopsy.

Both showed signs of torture in different parts of his body. One wore a white pants, blue shirt and black boots, had a tattoo of St. Jude and JP letters. She was tied with hands behind and apparently was on his knees to give the coup de grace.

The other girl wore a dress of white shoes, shorts and beige, had feet tied and had bruises on her legs. Al was brutally hit in the face and then be executed.

For clothing they wore girls is believed that the « pink » a cave somewhere to torture and possibly lead to the splitting Marroquín just to give the coup de grace.

Later, the bodies of two women have been recognized by the prosecution of parents who were handed over to give them a Christian burial.

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Five Member of a Cartel Accused for Execution of 30 Women-Mexico

Five men were arrested by members of the AVI and the Ministry of Public Security of the State, who confessed after interrogation murders of at least 30 women.

Detainees were dentificados as Emiliano Campos and Alberto Gomez « The Fifty » Absalom Medina Acosta « The chubby, Fernando Martínez Arroyo » The Chiquis « Ana Patricia Ramirez Alvarado l9 years, and the child Jesus Ramirez Lopez » The Duende  » who at the age of l6 rare, confessed to participating in the execution of 30 women in the state of Veracruz.

After being arrested by shock, they seized several large caliber weapons as « goat horns » and AR-15 machine guns and several cells to review images of two women who were found tortured seemed dead.

Two crimes
One was found dead in the community of Alta Loma, September 2 this year, identified as Natividad Basilia Madrigal, l8 years and the second was found dead on Sept. 5, inside the Rancho La Soledad the municipality of Juan Rodriguez Clara, Veracruz, and was recognized as Mary of the Angels Roman Avila, 29 years old.

Ana Patricia Ramirez, who also participated in the torture and execution of the two women mentioned above, note that:

Jesus Ramirez Lopez « El Duende » shamelessly admitted having participated in the torture and murder of Madrigal and Basilia the Nativity of Mary of the Angels Roman Avila and 28 other women in the state of Veracruz.

The five criminals were interned in San Andres Tuxtla Cereso being available to the common law authorities for the deaths of two women and the provision of federal authorities for possession of firearms for use by the army.

With the capture of the five femicidal police authorities have managed to bring a blow to organized crime, as well as give some assurance to local women as they lived in terror.

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